Hosted PBX Systems – Unlimited Calling to the US, PR, and Canada!

Celerity Telecom’s PBX revolves around extensions and DIDs. Each extension is registered to a phone and you decide how you want the call to “flow” when someone dials your DIDs or TFNs.

Each DID can ring to an automated menu, a group of extensions, or other options. Each phone, while limited to one extension number per phone, can have multiple lines to receive multiple calls. International rates are available upon request.

  • DID Hosting Service

  • $1.00

    As Low As

  • Available Medical SpecialtiesAffordable DID Hosting
  • Investigations and TreatmentsFree Call-Forwarding
  • Medical ConsultationTime of Day service
  • Home VisitsPort numbers to us
  • Pregnancy Careand start saving
  • Hosted PBX

  • $29.99

    Starting at

  • Available Medical SpecialtiesFree Unlimited Calling to
  • Investigations and Treatmentsthe US, PR, and Canada!
  • Medical ConsultationMultiple Lines per Extension
  • Home VisitsOver 25 Executive Features
  • Pregnancy CareMonth to Month Flexibility
  • Toll-Free Service

  • $5.00

    Starting at

  • Available Medical SpecialtiesToll Free $0.02
  • Investigations and TreatmentsCan be extended to 250 Testsper Minute
  • Medical ConsultationFree Call-Forwarding
  • Home VisitsTime of Day service
  • Pregnancy CarePort numbers to us
  • Unlimited FAX

  • $19.99

    Starting at

  • Available Medical SpecialtiesFree Unlimited Faxing to the
  • Investigations and TreatmentsUS, PR, and Canada!
  • Medical ConsultationFAX to E-mail Support
  • Home VisitsE-mail to FAX Support
  • Pregnancy CareSupports Multiple

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Digital Features

Below are just some of the exciting features you can enjoy when using our Hosted PBX

Upgrading from a traditional analog phone system?

Don’t be worried! You can still use your existing equipment by using a converter that will allow you to connect to our cloud-based digital systems without incurring expensive equipment costs.