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What is a predictive dialer

A predictive dialer is an outbound calling system that automatically dials from a list of telephone numbers. Like other types of autodialers (also called robodialers), predictive dialers call numbers automatically and can help agents screen for busy signals, voicemail, no-answers…


“People are too stupid to learn this simple truth” Your phone service provider company’s doesn’t think you are smart enough to figure out how to use this site. Well here at Celerity Telecom we want to save you money and…

Get Warm Leads with the MyDialer!

Get Warm Leads with MyDialer by Celerity Telecom! The MyDialer is an automated voice broadcasting dialer system that helps businesses and professionals generate leads. With the click of a button create your campaigns, upload leads, and get warm transfers.

Why Waste your time with other phone Company’s

Our Hosted Dialer can call as much as 300 people a minute and we do not charge per agent. Its the easiest Dialer to use on the Market… Comes with full on training and tech support…. Call existing leads or…

Why you should join the Celerity Telecom family

Are you tired of paying high prices for your Telecom needs? Paying to much for that Hosted Dialer System with a Long wait time for tech-support? Then check out Celerity Telecom’s Dedicated and cloud-based VoIP Services… I ¬†highly and strongly…

How to Find a Recording on Vicidial – Unidial

There are three ways to look up call recordings on UNIdial: