Are you tired of paying high prices for your Telecom needs? Paying to much for that Hosted Dialer System with a Long wait time for tech-support? Then check out Celerity Telecom’s Dedicated and cloud-based VoIP Services… I  highly and strongly recommend Celerity Telecom because of the stability of their service, the price, the features set, and our US based technical support is just world class.

We have many accounts which have told us that we beat the competition by far. Its because we have the best prices out there for the features we provide and that when they need any support or help with any questions Celerity Telecom is on the call. With the rates built to save you money and the tech support that we have, it’s no wonder that we are # 1. We are here to give you the best experience you could ever have in the telecom world. 

Celerity Telecom offers a multitude of digital communication services for your business needs

  •  Hosted PBX System are the phone system of choice for any size office or business.
  •  Auto Dialer Platforms increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns of your sales team.
  •  Mobile Office Solutions create an enterprise impression for mobile businesses.
  •  SIP Trunking Services allow us to be your telecommunications carrier.
  •  DID/TFN/FAX Number Provisioning for local US/CANADA DIDs, international DIDs, toll-free numbers, and fax lines.

NPA NXX rates

We work hard to bring you the lowest rates we can offer local to the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada as well as international destinations. You’ll be hard-pressed to find better rates anywhere else!

VoIP Phones and Hardware

Celerity Telecom has a list of recommended VoIP Phones and Hardware for you to browse. VoIP Phones are available as desktop phones or soft phones. Soft phones are software applications that give the user the functionality of a desktop phone. If you still want to use your old analog phones, they can be used with the aid of an ATA Converter.

Marketing & Lead Generation

Generate leads with MyDialer ask me how to get 1000 minutes free to try the system. Ask me how you can get our MyDialer 100% free when you bundle with our Hosted PBX service. Prepaid Minutes are built to save you money when compared to our competition.

Have full control over your phone system

With full system control at your fingertips, you set your preferred call settings, and change it instantly as needed. You can easily set up your phone to automatically go to voice mail or go to another extension. You will be able to fully control and customize their business telephone system from a dedicated web-based portal that is provided with the service. These online portals are not just user friendly, they are completely digital and allow changes to be made in real-time, taking effect almost immediately.
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